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The competition

The competition this year is called Velistic. The main objective is for the robot to load balls and shoot them at targets. The full rulebook can be found here.

Playing field

Playing field

Image courtesy of CRC Robotics

Scoring points


The robot

We brainstormed various ideas for every aspect of the robot. For the loading mechanism, we contemplated using two conveyor belts side-by-side to pick up balls and store them in a basket. For the firing mechanism, we discussed whether to use a spring, a windshield wiper motor, or a drill motor as means of propulsion.

We constructed the base of the robot with wood. We decided to use two multi-directional non-drive wheels to facilitate steering.

Robot base

At the website submission deadline (February 8th), we have not yet completed the construction of our robot. For up-to-date information and photos, please visit our Twitter page.

Our theme

Kiosk accessories

Accessories for our kiosk

Our theme is based on the video game Portal. Portal is a 3-dimensional puzzle game by Valve Corporation. The idea of using it as our theme first came to mind during last year's competition. We adopted it due to our team members' contrasting levels of obsession with the game, our determination to avoid last year's lack of early progress, and the absence of other theme ideas.

In addition to using a video game as our theme, we want to raise awareness for Child's Play, a charity that gives less fortunate children access to toys and games.

Child's Play Charity

Image courtesy of Child's Play Charity

On this website, the colors, the layout and the rotating tiles transition are inspired from Portal.

Our school


Westmount (Montreal), Quebec

Selwyn House School Veritas

Images courtesy of Selwyn House School


University/CÉGEP preparatory school for boys from kindergarten to grade 11

More information

Tool room

The robotics tool room

The team

We coordinated and undertook the work by ourselves, but our teachers supported us when we needed it. They provided us with equipment, sacrificed their time to supervise us, and helped out in subtle but crucial ways.


Click on a team member's name to show or hide their words (if available).

YanLun Chan Nicholas Claxton

As far as what i have contributed to the robotics team, I believe i am one of the driving forces behind the team. Like the others, I have helped around with just about everything. I came up with the original design for our kiosk, and met up with several of my peers over the summer to plan out the year. I can safely say that i have a large influence on the project. As far as what I have learned, and this is more over two years of robotics, I have learned that action is necessary to accomplish anything. Discussion is useful, but ultimately does not accomplish anything.

Luca D'Angelo

As an employee of the Selwyn Laboratories robotics corporation, any contribution or opinion expressed by our colleague’s, plays a crucial role in the overall involvement and production of the robot.
My assistance to the group and the project, involves helping the other members with their ideas, and improving upon them together. This ensures that we create the best product we can. I have also generated the basic idea for our T-Shirt design. The apparel will be exclusively available to the employees of Selwyn Laboratories only. For the sake of visualization, I replicated the Playing Field in a virtual 3d model. I also like to lend a hand to anyone who needs assistance.
Of the many things that lead to the success of our team, understanding how to cooperate in a group only benefits everyone; and in the long term, will improve the overall experience and quality of work from the team. I have learned from this experience, that you may not always be able to have things go the way you want, and how to accept the decision of the majority.
I have enjoyed working on this project a lot, but the thing that made me want to work, was the fact that I could express my ideas. Everyone would consider each other’s ideas, and if it was possible, they would be applied to the project. At least one idea from each team member has influenced the original blueprint, and has actually been used.
We have not struggled as a group, but of the things that were challenging, finding the time to accomplish some of the many tasks that were required to complete the project, was very difficult. These cons are outweighed by the pros of this experience, and will be one that I never forget.
Luca D’Angelo
Selwyn Laboratories

Heliu Dong

As part of the Selwyn Laboratories Corporation, I have helped with almost everything, but particularly with the paining of the kiosk and contributing ideas to the initial design of the robot. I have been with the robotics group since last year, and it didn’t look so good last year. Therefore, under Yan and Charles’ lead, we have worked more efficiently this year, and probably will be more successful with the work we have put in. We have successfully constructed our kiosk along with all of the other required parts of the competition and will have our robot ready for the competition. I hope we’ll have a blast at the competition.

Frederick Pelletier Goulet Charles McCluskey

I’ve been in the Selwyn robotics team since grade 9, and I’m currently in grade 11. The two previous years were… sad, to be honest. However, Yan and I have decided to take this year by the horns and make our last year at Selwyn a worthwhile one. My own role can be described as chief engineer behind the robot as well as providing mathematical calculations behind whatever needs them. My father is an electrical engineer and has been offering a lot of great advice, especially about things that we’ve had little experience with. I’ve also been taking both the regular physics course as well as the advanced physics, honors science, and calculus courses. Since I want to become a bio-medical engineer in the future, it’s a position that eagerly jumped at.

YanMaurice McNiven

As team captain/CEO of Selwyn Laboratories I mainly organise everybody and make sure that everyone is doing something, as a result I have massive headaches once a week and constant anxiety but that’s okay! As CEO/ team captain almost everything goes through me so I manage to stay rather well informed about everything, whether that be the website, the kiosk or the robot I try to understand it all. I’m in charge of reminding people of work days and then nagging people about not showing up on the work days. All in all I’m very happy being team captain/ CEO and although it might be a lot of work, the people I work with make it all worth it; As well as pizza… and portal guns.
Yan out!

Cedrik Moore Keel Scruton

I was given the task of building our robots scoop. I found the materials came up with the design and built it. I learned that you don’t always have to know what going on with the robot as you and your team are building it because if everyone does what they are supposed to the team works like a well oiled machine quickly and efficiently. I enjoyed watching the robot slowly come together first as just an idea then as a design and then as an actual working machine. I also enjoyed working with the guys on my team and getting to know them better. I’m the kind of guy that always has to be doing everything, (I don’t trust anyone) so when I joined the team as the youngest member I was forced to do what I was told and not tell people what to do as I was used to. But in the long run I think this has made me a better team member.

Jason Small

I am in charge of filming and producing the team video, but try to help out with the robot whenever I can. Throughout all of this I am constantly reminded the everything ALWAYS takes more time then you think it will. Nonetheless, I enjoy seeing everything come together in the end.

Samuel Stein Himanshu Talwar

What I learned: That teamwork is important and orginization is key. Staying on task can be hard but getting things done, at the end of the day is really what it is all about.
What I helped most with: I mostly did whatever when whoever needed me. You can call me a Handyman of sort. If you need me helping in the electronics, I'd be more than happy to assist you, If you need me helping with the design, I'll be there or if you need me cutting wood, then i'll be there.

Daniel Wen

I made this website. 'Nuf said.


Kevin Boyle

Mike Downey

Tom Downey

Stephanie Lynam

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